Offering Safe Curb-Side Delivery


March 2020

Massage & Covid-19

We have PAUSED our massage therapy services as of March 14, 2020.   We will be able to return to work when our State and Local Officials lift restrictions.  However, given the close contact of our work with the clients we care for, we will also be considering several other factors.  We believe there are many factors that contribute to a person's health, and illness state, but also the discovery of symptoms into Covid-19 is yet to be fully seen with new data coming in everyday.  We want to offer a safe experience for our clients first and foremost.  Please understand that we have always taken sanitation very seriously, and we are confident in our cleaning abilities.  Our concern is with airborne viral particles being exhaled/inhaled, in such close exposure as in a massage room. 

In the meantime, we miss you all tremendously and are eagerly anticipating our next in-person session.   Take care of one another until we see you again.


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We welcome you to add your contact information to our "Massage Schedule" call-back list.  We do not know a date yet, but we will see you again soon!